Three Hills Street Freaks

Three Hills Street Freaks History

The club was started in 1981 after a handful of local car enthusiasts organized a Cruise on the  first Saturday evening  in June 1981. That first Cruise Nite was very small but was a good start.  Over the years it started at 6:00 PM always the first saturday in June and grew larger every year. The atmosphere was very amazing, lots of people, the heat rising off of  the hot pavement and from the cruising vehicles. As it became darker the lights from the vehicles added to the atmosphere.     
As the years went by it was suggested we have a specific time earlier in the day for a show and shine limited to 300 vehicles first come first serve filling our Main Street.  It took off and has since over taken the cruise and the cruise has almost died.  Now the vehicles line up starting at 8:00 am and we fill the Main Street and then the grassy area along Railway Ave as well as Railway Ave.  We register anyone who qualifies.  We have had as many as 1500 vehicles registered.  There is no way to tell how many spectators but there are a lot.
We, the members of the club, represent a varied vehicular interest.  Some of us probably have too many interests.  Thus the club is not about a certain style, era or brand but about all special interest vehicles.  The club also spans a large age group 13 to 72.
One of the main emphasis' has been donations to local charities from the money generated by t-shirt sales and registration.  Various community groups become involved by helping with security and providing food booths.  Thus it has become a major charitable organization fund raiser for the Three Hills community.